11 February 2008

Oh, the fates must hate me...

So this weekend was, to put it simply... a complete enigma. I got home on Friday morning, and hung out for a bit. That night I made plans to hang out with Kate. She wanted to go to the mall to buy some stuff, so we headed there. We walk in the mall, and of course the "home show" was there for the weekend. This meant tons of little booths with all these businesses trying to get some people interested in their work. So as we are walking, I look up... and I see him. Shane.

Oh wow. Shane is the guy that was married and still trying to date me. He was always talking about how the opportunity was too much for him to "pass up" - which just made me want to vomit. I thought by going back to Grand Valley that I was leaving the situation for good. Yeah, I was wrong.

Okay... so I see him. And in that same moment, he saw me. I could tell right then that he was thinking "She's back in town?", just as I was looking like a deer in the headlights. Kate looked up a second after that, and by then he was pointing at me, trying to get my attention. We went over and talked for a minute, and it was awkward. It only made me more sick. He was trying so hard to hang out with me.

And now he calls...all the time. Great.

Like I don't have enough going on.

Friday night I got a call from Curtis telling me that Eric knew about me and Dave. Which, by the way, we are officially a couple. And now we have to deal with Eric's reaction finding out about us on top of the stress of a new relationship status. Fan-flipping-tastic.

Weather has been horrible, which has only made everything worse.

Bring it on fates, I can handle it all.
They obviously don't like me. Or they have some sick sense of humor.

So much for a minimal drama year. Well, it lasted a couple days.

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