05 February 2008

Finally, a sigh of relief...

Today I can breathe a little easier.
I can't even explain the weight that has been lifted.

And I'm coming to terms with the fact that I want a relationship with Dave. I want it so badly.
He makes life worth living to the fullest. For once, I am not feeling rushed, or persuaded into a relationship. I feel ready. He can make my life amazingly great. And I think I deserve that.

So this is the start of his 4th week there. Only 6 more of that school, and then 3 weeks at airborne school. So 9 weeks 'til I see him. I'm already excited.

This week I am creating the package I'm sending him for Valentine's Day.
It's going to be fabulous. And of course, I'm sending the other boys some little gift bags as well. (Well, just the ones that don't have girlfriends. I don't want them to feel left out.)
And I'm going to include a letter to Dave. Not just any letter, but one that has taken me about a week and a half to write. I've poured my heart into it, and I want him to be able to know exactly how I'm feeling. This way he can look at it when he gets homesick, and know that he has a girl that loves him waiting. And I'll wait forever. Hopefully that will make him succeed that much more, and come back to me accomplished.

Today is a good day. I hope to see many more of these.


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