13 February 2008

I've given up letting love lead the way...

I need to use my head. 'Cause my heart is running me all over the place.

I've forgotten what I really need to do, and have focused on how my feelings, along with everyone else's feelings, have to do with every situation. So here it is. I love you all, but I need to do this for me.

1. I'm sick of the bull. Stop making me the emotional fool I've become. Understand that I want to care, but I will not be manipulated into feeling sad. I will not feel guilty for trying to help you. I've done everything I can, and you just need to see the good intentions I have.

2. Get over trivial stuff. Forgive minuscule actions and details of fights. Be grown up, perhaps for the first time in your life. I want to make the best of my experiences, and for that to happen you need to work with me, rather than against me.

3. Draw out the lines that make up our relationships. Are we going to stand the test of time? If so, open up to me. Let's have that close bond that we both desperately need. I'm here, wanting to honestly say I can tell you everything, and that you will tell me everything.

4. Make it known how you feel. Do not hide behind fake smiles and small talk. I can handle what you have to say, so speak up. It will only make us stronger friends.

5. Live life, and breathe easy knowing you can just be yourself. Well, at least with me.

I know the recent events have drained me. Sometimes I feel like I'm not myself. Well, that will all change. I'm going to find who I am again. I need to. And I need your help. I need support to get out of this rut I'm in.

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