12 July 2009

Someone shake me from this routine...

I feel like I have lost something. And for the longest time I didn't know what it was.
Something that wasn't necessary to live, but something noticable none-the-less.
Tonight while playing a game with friends I realized what that thing was.

The moments I didn't stop to take in.
The smiles I passed off, without taking the time to smile back.
The simple laughs I forgot to enjoy.

Maybe my routine has just gotten in the way of this.
Work, work, work, and less patience as the days wear on.
And I must admit that it has changed me.

For the better? Not so much.

I have noticed lately that I am more angry. More upset about everything not being perfect.
I guess I had some thought that it would all run smoothly on it's own.

But unfortunately that is not the case.

So I am deciding now.

Making a commitment to enjoy my time in California.
Whether it be exciting adventures spanning the entire state, or times on the couch just lounging.

I will take more time laughing, rather than planning the next thing I will probably get upset about. Taking offense to something is a choice. And for so long I let everything get to me.

Being more optimistic will probably allow my mind to rest... and give me the opportunity to really bask in the moment. I truly need this.
And as for everything else going on in the world...
I haven't updated this blog in ages... so here's the condensed version of what has happened.
  • Got married.
  • Moved stuff to Idaho.
  • Drove to California to work for the summer.
  • Met cool people that work with us. :)
  • Visited many great attractions that California has to offer.
  • Got a kitten. And named her Izzy.
  • Fell in love with the sunshine. (Still working on the tan)
  • Still miss my friends very much. Wish they were here to enjoy this with me.
♥ Jess

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