18 June 2008

Is it really worth it?

My grandpa told me today that my eyes tell such a sad story.

I never really thought about how the emotion is so easily displayed on my face.
I always tried to hide the pain, hoping no one would ask me about it.

Today, someone asked.
And surprisingly, I was ok with it.

We talked for a couple hours about life, and love.
He knows about heartache.
He had to leave my grandma for the army many times.
But he always came back.

He told me about the hard times, the moments when he didn't think he would see her again.
And his heart wouldn't let him give up. Because she is the love of his life.

He didn't want to disappoint her.
66 years later they are still together.

That is the type of guy I want to fall in love with.
Someone who wants to spend countless years with me. And will never give up on our love.

But until then...

I'll just focus on fun.

Sun, sand, and a smile.
And a great adventure.

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