29 January 2008

first post!

Oh...a new blog. How great.

I figured that I needed a "clean slate" as some would say.

I feel that maybe if I document the thoughts and feelings as they come to me, that I will find clarity concerning my maybe-sorta confusion surrounding Dave and I. So... here goes.

First off, I didn't expect to feel this strongly. Whatever it is that I am feeling. Sometimes I know that I like him, and want a relationship. Other times I figure that it is just me missing him, and that separation is what is causing me to misinterpret my actual feelings about him. For once in my life I am not at the crossroads of wondering whether or not I love him, but rather if I am in love with him. Which is so much harder to distinguish.

The time spent with Dave has opened my eyes to a person that - at first glance - was a typical college guy. Loved to drink, "slay chicks", not to mention hang out with the guys and do the most random and stupid things ever possible. And yes, that made him funny and a cool guy to hang out with. After some time though, I realized the heart this guy has. He cares about his friends as if they were his family, and made them a priority always. He accepted me into this group of friends, and treated me as more than just his friend's girlfriend.
He made me his friend.

I appreciate the time he took to get to know me. I will always cherish the things he told me in confidence, and the trust he gave me. Him and Curtis became my older brothers, the guys that were always there to protect me, and make sure that Eric was treating me the way I deserved to be treated. We were a family, and I felt as if I belonged somewhere. Maybe that is where the true connection began.

As the months passed, Dave, Curtis, Eric and I hung out all the time. We created long lasting memories, as juvenile as our actions were. Like the time when Curtis and Dave burned Eric's spice rack. We laughed about that for days on end, and every time the story was retold. Snowshoe dodgeball and football Mondays were practically the greatest moments of my life.

Well... I will continue this tomorrow.
I should be studying for my art history quiz.
It's gonna be a doozie.

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