15 December 2008

First love, last love... and all the worlds are colliding...

I wasn't jealous all of my life.
I wasn't bitter.
I wasn't carrying the burden of a heart full of sadness.
I used to believe in the idea of true love, soul mates, and passion.

I became those things after love scorned me.
And I know I have taken some of my heartache out on you.

I have learned a lot.
You are not him. Never were, never will be.
You taught me that trusting someone is not merely saying it. It is believing.
And I will spend the rest of my life believing.
Believing in you, and in myself.

I knew the first day I wanted to be with you forever.
Despite all my nonchalant behavior and sentences filled with hesitation.
I can't explain the entirety of what I feel for you.
It would take a lifetime just to put into words.

Just know that there is no one that understands me better than you.
No one comforts my heart as well as you.
No one steals my breath away the way you do.
No one restores my faith in love with as much confidence as you.
And I wouldn't trade you for anything.

I'm ready to take those steps with you.
I would be honored to take your last name.
And make the word family what it should be.
I want to prove how much love does conquer all.
I want to do it all... with you right beside me.

Just understand. There may be moments when we don't agree.
Just listen. Even in moments when you might not want to.
Just love. In times of great happiness and also in times of sadness.

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