18 March 2008

The slippers always seem to fit...

Newsflash: Dancing is now my number one priority.

Okay... it's not so much a newsflash, but just a by-the-way type thing.

Dancing is the one thing that will never change for me. The poses and movements are always at my fingertips. Arabesque, Demi-plié, Fouetté rond de jambe.

It is all so familiar. And comforting. I am simply me when I am dancing. Stripped of all my insecurities and judgments.

And it is the most gratifying feeling I could possibly have.
I leave everything on the dance floor. Anger, pain, passion. I throw it all out there. And I never regret doing so. I know I can't be judged for giving all of myself to the moment.

I remember the first time dance really took over my life.
I was seven. I was performing in a ballet recital, and was about to perform a solo. Right before I was to go on, I saw my parents fighting in the hallway. My dad was screaming at my mom; she was crying. And it broke me.

So I went on. And left my heart on the stage.

I promised myself I would always dance with emotion, and let the pain go.
And it helped tremendously.

So now I am presented with these emotions. And I'm frantically running back to dance.

My sanctuary. My salvation.

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